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Endo-Predict Education Session with Myriad

Endopredict - developments in breast oncology markers for prognosis and treatment

Australian Clinical Labs in partnership with Myriad Genetics recently hosted an evening with surgeons and oncologists from across Sydney.  Presentations were delivered by leading experts in breast pathology and oncology - Professor Sandra O’Toole (Sydney) & Dr Mirette Saad (Melbourne) from Clinical Labs and Professor Marion Kiechle Director of the Women’s Clinic - Technical University of Munich.

Professor O’Toole as part of her presentation explored the multidisciplinary treatment decisions in ER positive breast cancer in the genomic era, drawing on her in-depth knowledge and years of experience leading research into breast cancer. Professor O’Toole’s presentation included healthy discussion surrounding best practice of tissue handling and preservation which has a major impact on the quality and timeliness of analysis that can be done.

Professor Marion Kiechle demonstrated the importance of prognostic markers in early breast cancer and EndoPredict’s clinical utility and superior clinical results. She was also able to show the very real impact that quality prognostic data provided by EndoPredict can have on treatment options.

Concluding remarks by attendees were overwhelmingly positive with many saying that the “clinical utility of testing was now a no brainer” for them and one specialist saying that they would start lobbying departmental groups for funding to support wider use of EndoPredict testing for patients.

The event allowed us to showcase our scientific leadership by offering a test that is clinically superior to competitive offerings, market leading technology that allows us to exclusively perform this test locally in Australia and, our talented people Prof O’Toole and Prof Bilous who are highly regarded experts in breast pathology. EndoPredict is a test that empowers decision making that improves our patients’ lives. It is just another way that Australian Clinical Labs is delivering on its vision, mission and values.


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