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Federal Budget 2017

12 May 2017

Clinical Labs welcomes reversal of cuts to the Bulk Bill Incentive

Australian Clinical Labs welcomes the decision announced by the Government in the 2017 Federal Budget on 9 May to reverse the cuts to the Bulk Bill Incentive. The reversal comes after 12 months of lobbying the government against the cuts which culminated in the extraordinary Don't Kill Bulk Bill campaign.

Ms Melinda McGrath CEO and Managing Director of Australian Clinical Labs said the Don't Kill Bulk Bill campaign was a great example of the people power .

"I would like to thank all the patients, general practitioners, medical practices and our own phlebotomists and staff who supported the Don't Kill Bulk Bill campaign. More than 600,000 people signed the petition and contacted their local Member of Parliament, wrote to newspapers and called radio stations to bring this issue to the national stage.

"We are grateful for their support and the reversal of the decision means continued Bulk Billing of collection fees and critical quality pathology services for all Australians".