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Genetic Carrier Screening is now 100% Bulk-Billed

Starting today, 1 November 2023, Reproductive Genetic Carrier Screening for cystic fibrosis (CF), spinal muscular atrophy (SMA), and fragile X syndrome (FXS) will be 100% bulk-billed, subject to Medicare eligibility criteria.

This positive change is the result of the persistent efforts of Rachael and Jonathan Casella, who advocated for making reproductive genetic carrier screening routine and free for all prospective parents in Australia. This important advocacy was inspired by the loss of their baby, Mackenzie, who sadly passed away from SMA in 2017 at just 7 months old. The Casella’s heartfelt wish was that no other parent should have to endure the same heartache they experienced. Now, their wish has become a reality and is accessible to all Australian families.

This routine screening is particularly important because approximately 90% of carriers do not have a family history of these conditions. 

For information about Gene Access, the genetic carrier screening test for CF, SMA, and FXS offered by Clinical Labs, please click on the links below.