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We Need Your Help to Keep Pathology Bulk Billed

Did you know that 70% of all medical treatment decisions rely on pathology tests?

You probably don’t think about the cost of your tests because, in most cases, like blood tests, patients do not pay an out-of-pocket fee.  

Currently, 99.6% of pathology services are bulk billed.

But unlike other parts of the health system, funding for pathology tests hasn’t increased in 24 years, despite the increased cost of providing these services, and pathology providers have been filling the funding gap to keep services running.

We don’t want it to be harder for Australians to get these important tests, especially when money is tight. That’s why we’re asking the Government to ensure pathology funding increases in this year’s Federal Budget.

Click on the image below to watch a short video in which Associate Professor Chris Barnes, Clinical Labs’ National Director of Clinical Pathology, explains how, in order to maintain the world-class services we offer, pathology funding needs to be increased like all other Medicare-funded healthcare services.

We need your help to keep these tests bulk-billed.

You can show your support by visiting the website below, where you can complete the simple online form and tell your local MP that pathology funding needs to be increased fairly so it remains bulk billed, starting in this year’s Federal Budget.

Take action now and help keep pathology bulk billed by completing the online form here: