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Hydroxyproline 2 Hour Urine Collection

Special Requirements

  • Avoid Aspirin-containing drugs for 48 hours prior to and during the collection.
  • The following foods must be avoided for 48 hours prior to and during the urine collection:
    • All meats: All meat bone derived products (eg. soups), all ‘sausage’ casings.
    • Gelatin: All Gelatin containing processed food, any product with GELATIN listed as an ingredient.
    • Any processed food if you are uncertain whether it contains gelatin or not (Gelatin is coded by name in lists of food additives if contained in a product): eg. Yoghurt, butter dairy spreads, some breads, dairy desserts, jellies, ice cream and cream.
  • You may have the following foods: Fresh fruit and vegetables, milk, eggs, unprocessed cereals, flour and sugars.



  • 1x 250ml Sterile Container
  • Available from any Australian Clinical Laboratories Collection Centre or your doctor.


  • Collect a 250ml Sterile Container from your nearest Australian Clinical Labs Collection Centre.
  • Fast from 10pm the night before the collection. Water is allowed.
  • On the following morning, empty bladder and discard urine. Note the time.
  • Collect all urine for the next two hours into the sterile container. (You should attempt to pass urine at exactly two hours after starting time noted).
  • Keep specimen refrigerated until delivered to nearest Australian Clinical Labs Collection Centre, preferably as soon as collection is completed.


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The collection staff are required to check your details (surname, first given name, date of birth and date and time of collection on the container label) against the pathology request form to ensure the sample is matched to the doctor’s request. This is done to ensure the safety and security of reporting your test results.