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Commercial Services

  • Workplace COVID-19 Testing (excludes WA)

    Due to an increase in demand for asymptomatic testing across Australia, Clinical Labs is pleased to offer tailored packages for organisations seeking to test their staff for COVID-19.

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  • Drug & Alcohol Testing

    Drug and Alcohol misuse is estimated to cost Australian business billions of dollars annually and increases the risk of accidents and incidents in the workplace.

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  • Pre-employment Screening

    Many companies require prospective employees to have screening tests done prior to commencing work. Screening tests can be for a range of conditions and may include any of the following:

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  • Employee Health Screening

    Pathology testing incorporating into an organisation’s staff welfare and health maintenance policies can be valuable and cost effective and is a good way of ensuring the long-term productivity of your most valuable asset.

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  • Biological Monitoring

    Many workplaces can expose employees to potentially dangerous biological agents. If not required by law, as part of an employer’s duty of care it is important to regularly check the levels of these compounds to ensure that employees do not experience levels which may compromise their health.

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  • Environmental Water Testing

    Recognising that water is both vital to life and prone to contamination, we offer comprehensive water testing. Our tests assess the microbiological quality of a range of waters.

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  • Insurance Screening

    Our pathology services provide an objective measure of overall health and lifestyle factors. These results can assist insurance companies as they assess applications.

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  • Clinical Trials

    Australian Clinical Labs delivers quality pathology for clinical trials. Our years of experience with commercial and clinical trial pathology ensure a seamless transition from an initial enquiry right through to result delivery.

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  • Workplace COVID-19 Testing FAQs

    Answers to commonly asked questions from clients about the Workplace COVID-19 testing offered by Clinical Labs.

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