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Cytology Evaluation Program

How does the program work?

Our Cytology Evaluation Program is an educational and peer group audit where program participants are provided with important women’s health information relating to the population they service. This information is presented in quarterly reports, which our program participants can access via the CPD Program Portal.

How can I earn CPD hours?

The annual criteria for our Cytology Evaluation Program include:

  • 20 Cervical Screening Tests recommended
  • Completion of mandatory ‘Reflection Activity’ (emailed latter part of 2024)

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What Cervical Screening Tests are included?

  • Human Papillomavirus molecular test (HPV)
  • Liquid Based Cytology (LBC)

How many CPD hours are awarded?

If you successfully complete the annual program criteria, you will earn a total of 30 CPD hours:

  • 20 CPD Measuring Outcomes hours per year
  • 5 CPD Reviewing Performance hours per year
  • 5 CPD Educational Activities hours per year

Learning objectives

1. Analyse rate of CST recollection requirement and implement strategies to reduce unsatisfactory sample submission.

2. Compare personal audit data points against national averages, giving participants the opportunity for reflection.

3. Analyse STI diagnostic rates to assess potential public health impact.

4. Encourage quality history taking by providing comprehensive clinical notes on sample submission.

5. Detect issues arising in patient cohorts through analysis of demographic representation.

How do I view the quarterly reports?

Reports can be viewed via the online CPD Program Portal. Program participants (successfully registered) will receive more information directly about how to access the reports.

How do I register?

  • Click here to register for 2024
  • Registration form will open in your web browser
  • Complete the form fields and hit ‘Subscribe’
  • Your registration will be reviewed by our CPD Team

Contact us

For any questions relating to this program, email: cst.audit@clinicallabs.com.au