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At Clinical Labs, we aspire to provide leadership and diagnostic excellence across all of our specialties, and our commitment to oncology is no exception. In addition to leading the industry in traditional molecular analysis with ground-breaking core laboratories, our genetics test centres offer an innovative platform where our pathologists focus their expertise on a comprehensive testing selection dedicated exclusively to oncology.

Inspiring you with trust and confidence, our team will go the extra mile to achieve the best diagnosis for your patients, working together with you to provide the best possible care. Our pathologists are dedicated to continually improving our diagnostic solutions, creating encouraging long-term patient outcomes.

Our RCPA/NATA-accredited Molecular Genetics Labs offer a comprehensive selection of market leading, innovative, accurate and timely cancer screening services – from Somatic Mutation testing in solid tumours to Aspect Liquid Biopsy and beyond.


Somatic Mutation in Solid Tumours

Somatic Mutation testing detects mutations within oncogenes and tumour suppressor genes that are frequently mutated in cancer, aiding clinicians to select the most appropriate treatment for their patients. Different gene panels are designed to investigate multiple relevant mutations using formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded (FFPE) tumour samples.

At Clinical Labs we currently offer Somatic Mutation testing for the below cancers (click the links for detailed information):

COMPREHENSIVE (includes 25 genes)





Download Somatic Mutation Brochure

Download Somatic Mutation Request Form Download Somatic Mutation Request Form (WA)


Aspect Liquid Biopsy: Circulating Tumour DNA (ctDNA) Testing in Plasma

Aspect Liquid Biopsy is a new, non-invasive, safe and ultrasensitive cancer screening option which identifies genomic alterations from a simple blood test using the circulating tumour DNA (ctDNA). Clinical Labs is proud to be the first Australian private laboratory to offer liquid biopsy, allowing oncologists to choose a targeted therapy, monitor treatment resistance and detect minimal residual disease, without patients undergoing an invasive procedure.

At Clinical Labs we currently offer Aspect Liquid Biopsy testing for the below cancers (click the links for detailed information):




Benefits of liquid biopsy:

  • Liquid biopsy is less invasive
  • Liquid biopsy can identify therapeutic targets
  • ctDNA shows high concordance with solid tissue biopsies
  • ctDNA is a highly specific real time monitoring biomarker
  • ctDNA reflects the overall tumour information 
  • ctDNA detects early relapse
  • Liquid biopsy is the quality choice for monitoring tumour burden and therapeutic response
  • ctDNA detects minimal residual disease (MRD)

Watch our two educational modules on Aspect Liquid Biopsy, presented by the National Clinical Director of Molecular Genetic Pathology at Australian Clinical Labs, Associate Professor Mirette Saad.

Aspect Liquid Biopsy | Educational Module | Part 1 | Approx 17 mins

Aspect Liquid Biopsy | Educational Module | Part 2 | Approx 18 mins

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EndoPredict® for Breast Cancer

EndoPredict® for Breast Cancer is an in vitro multi-gene diagnostic test that provides highly important and clear information for different stages of treatment planning for patients with estrogen receptor positive, HER2-negative, primary breast cancer.

It helps to define the risk of breast cancer recurrence, the benefits of chemotherapy and who can benefit from extended endocrine therapy.

EndoPredict at a Glance

  • Only prognostic test that can answer
    - whether your patient can safely avoid chemotherapy
    - how beneficial chemotherapy would be
    - whether your patient can avoid extended endocrine therapy
  • Largest “true” low risk group for safe reduction of chemotherapy
    - more than 70% of N0 patients
    - up to 30% of N+ patients
  • Second generation gene expression test for superior prognostic power
  • Unique gene selection for accurate early and late risk assessment
  • Consistent study cohorts and constant cut-off
  • Clear low- and high-risk category
  • Rapid results

Download EndoPredict Summary BrochureDownload EndoPredict Expanded Brochure

Download EndoPredict Request FormDownload EndoPredict Request Form (WA)

For more information on molecular testing options for breast cancer click on the below link.



The content on our Molecular Cancer Services page is written by National Clinical Director of Molecular Genetic Pathology at Australian Clinical Labs, Associate Professor Mirette Saad


Assoc. Prof. Mirette Saad

Lab: Clayton
Speciality: Chemical Pathology and Molecular Genetics
Areas Of Interest: Cancer Genetics, Antenatal Screening, NIPT, Endocrine, Fertility Testing and Research, Medical Teaching
Phone: 1300 134 111
Email: mirette.saad@clinicallabs.com.au

Associate Professor Mirette Saad is a Consultant Chemical Pathologist and the National Clinical Director of Molecular Genetic Pathology at Australian Clinical Labs. Associate Professor Saad obtained her fellowship in Chemical and Molecular Pathology with a clinical Microbiology sub-specialty in Egypt.

After several posts, she worked as a Medical Laboratory Director in private labs and as an Associate Professor and Examiner of Clinical Chemistry for postgraduate and undergraduate medical and nursing students at various institutions. Upon receiving the National Health and Medical Research (NHMRC) Scholarship in 2006, Associate Professor Saad commenced her PhD studies at Melbourne University and Peter MacCallum Cancer Institute in Cancer Genetics. Associate Professor Saad undertook her specialty training at Healthscope Pathology (now Australian Clinical Labs) and Monash Health and obtained the Chemical Pathology Fellowship (FRCPA) and the Membership (MAACB) by examination from the Royal College of Pathologists of Australasia (RCPA) and the Australasian Association of Clinical Biochemists (AACB) respectively.

She is currently a member of the Chemical Pathology Advisory Committee at RCPA. At Clinical Labs, A/P Saad supervises the antenatal screening program including combined First Trimester Screening and Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing (NIPT) along with the Molecular Genetic testing for hereditary disorders, personalised drug therapy and cancer.

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